Portrait Of June In Increments

Greetings from the Mighty Pacific!

Below you’ll find an photograph taken during a recent trip around the Olympic Peninsula as well as some selections from a new visual project I’m working on. It’s called Portrait Of June In Increments. I’m also including a song by a band called Grand Hallway. They’re from Seattle and just released a pretty great record last week called Winter Creatures. Enjoy!

“Pt. 3: Purple Patch”

“Pt. 4: Rube Goldberg Machine-Springtime Version”

“Pt. 6: Ode to June 11 and 12 as well as to the indescribable beauty of the Olympic National Forest”

P.S. Happy birthday John!

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Sundays will surprise you

A friend asked me to bring my camera to the lake this sunday…

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audio by: young montana? – sacre cool

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Sure, why not

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List of Birds

Written yesterday. Recorded in less than two hours today. This might be an ongoing project. I think I’ll call it slow-motion bedroom pop and then not give a shit. We can all thank Derek for the terrifyingly awesome portrait.

List of Birds by danoberbruner

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James Gadsden Performs “Cathryn’s Hymn”

I just spent four hours recording and have nothing to show for it.

[audio:http://www.animalcanon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Cathryns-Hymn.mp3|titles=Cathryn’s Hymn]

Born again by mourning
Moving mouthfuls of flowers
Up and down the alleys
Which all return to you

And your cherry blossom lips
And your champagne anthems
That keep honest men keeping on

You sang,
“Be brave and serve your purpose
Or go die out in a corn field
No one here can save you
Except you and you alone

But your songs, they bear repeating
Like some transcendental mornings
That keep some good people keeping on”

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James Gadsden

This is James Gadsden. He is responsible for the Gadsden purchase, a shady land deal made with mexico that was responsible for what is today southern arizona and new mexico. He kinda looks like dan.

James Gadsden

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spring 2k11

Here is a short compilation of some stuff I’ve been shooting the past couple of months. Its mostly an experiment with color grading and editing. I don’t think it is finished yet. It seems to be too short.

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Absence makes the heart grow.

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Dead Life & The Month

I’ve been thinking about a particular situation that doesn’t work. Formula ‘A’ won’t connect with Formula ‘B’. In the end; however, I’ve discovered that a planned life is a dead life.

Above: ‘Dead Life’ (Marker, Photoshop) 5/4/11

Below: ‘The Month’ (Marker, Photoshop) 5/4/11

Feedback encouraged. I think the ‘like’ button might’ve taken the place of communication.

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The Gods of Chicago

Quick acoustic sketch of my new song, “The Gods of Chicago.”

[audio:http://www.animalcanon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/The-Gods-of-Chicago.mp3|titles=The Gods of Chicago]
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under the beam

Going in for Lasek eye surgery tomorrow.

We’ll see what happens…

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Tears in the sun.

Tears in the sun.

Hello again,  today I bring a mesh of a few ideas Ive been tinkering with. It was a poem I wrote a few years back. Ive played it as a song a couple different ways but really have never set anything in stone. This weeks version was inspired by the looming weather.  I cant put my finger on what song im channeling in the start. If you can recognize it I would be interested in finding out where I heard it. rhythm from the song I wrote last week. Trying to compile this accumulation of songs and get them onto tape. If you’de like one, send me your address.   Looking for any critiques and sleeve art suggestions. spanks

Tear in the sun by whildenvi

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Striped shirts & this city hurts

new mix, enjoy

Striped shirts & this city hurts by conwald

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