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Driving with car mechanical problems can land you a ticket and cost much for fixing the issues. Regular maintenance will help you know the problems earlier and prevent serious damage. As the technology has been developed, most vehicles are manufactured in the latest trend by experts and meet all the safety standards but few mechanical faults cause car accidents.

Here are some mechanic problems that can land you a ticket if not fixed,

Using high beams improperly

A broken tail light, headlight, or blinker

Having illegal window tinting

Hazardous loading of items in your vehicle

Driving with a cracked windshield 

Driving with an expired registration sticker

Missing or expired license plate

Common Car mechanical problems,

Faulty headlights and taillights

Most car accidents occur at night when compared to the daytime, this is due to the low visibility, if your car headlights and taillights are not in a good condition accidents may happen. If the car has dim headlights, brake lights, or taillights it could be challenging for motorists to see the road and drive smoothly. Check all the lights before heading out and make sure they are working properly.

Faulty Brakes

Another common mechanical defect that can lead to accidents is brake failure. As automobile technology has moved to the next level, cars are fixed with a dual brake system to avoid mechanical failure. But we can’t assure that brake failure won’t occur, in case of a circuit failure the whole system will collapse and enable the car to brake. An amazing technology that has made cars safer is the anti-lock braking system that prevents the front car wheels from locking in emergencies.

Faulty Steering Systems and Suspensions

If your steering system or suspension fails to work efficiently it can lead to major accidents, this will be too serious if you drive at high speed. This kind of mechanical failure can be too hard even for an experienced driver. To avoid such unpleasant experiences, maintain the vehicles properly and have the equipment tested by trained personnel at regular intervals. 

Tire blowouts

These are caused by tires that are worn out or under inflated. The tires are safer today compared to a few years ago. Tire blowouts may occur if you travel at high speed and lose control of the vehicle. Improper alignment of suspensions can also result in uneven tires and ultimately lead to an accident.

Malfunctioning Wipers

Good quality and properly functioning wipers are very important for avoiding accidents while driving in rain and snow. Suppose if the wiper doesn’t work properly then you will immediately lose visibility.

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